Best General Physician in USA
Best General Physician in USA

General Physician is a medical practitioner specializes in treatment of various illnesses with medication, which does not involve surgery. Physicians are expertise in treatment of various medical condition, are trained to provide complete medical care to patient. They diagnose the patient looking to the symptoms and treat them accordingly with medication. They do the counselling of the patients on diet, preventive healthcare and hygiene.

Basically there are two type of physician- Primary Care Physician and Specialist Physician. Primary Care Physician generally involves diagnosis of minor illness, common medical condition and its treatment. They are expertise in treating the broad range of medical conditions. They are trained to know when patient require speciality care. Primary Care Physician involves the category of Family medicine doctors. Family Physician specialises in family practice and provides intelligible health care of all the members of a family in spite of sex, age (from toddlers to elders) on regular basis. Family Physician guide patients in preventing diseases and maintaining their health. As they know the family history very well.

Specialists Physician is the one who did speciality in specific field of medicine. They include Paediatricians, expertise in medical care and managing the health of infant, children and adolescents. They manage your child growth physically and mentally .They are concerned about physical, mental and behaviour health issues of your child from birth to adulthood. They help you to raise healthy and happy child. Another category of Specialist Physician includes Obstetrics and Gynaecology. They are specialist in women health.

They are trained to handle pregnancy and prenatal care, puberty, menopause and other. They know female reproductive organ very well and related disorders. The common procedures performed by gynaecologists are IUD insertion, LEEP, Vulvar Biopsy, Laparoscopy and many more. The third one is the Geriatric medicine specialists, are specialists in elderly care. As you age, you require specific health care. Geriatric patients require different and diverse treatment compare to younger patients. Among the Physicians practising in India very few are trained in ageing population’s treatment. Geriatric treatment involves common elder disease like Dementia, Delirium, Alzheimer’s disease, visuospatial abilities, hearing and vision and some more. The another Specialist physician is Psychiatrist, expertise in diagnose and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioural disorder. They diagnose and treat common illness like Schizophrenia, Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, violent outbursts, negative thinking and some more. Psychiatric after diagnosis can suggest person for physiologist or therapist. Psychiatrist treatment includes Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), Deep Brain Simulation, Vagus Nerve Simulation and some other therapies too. There are some Internal medicine physicians for diagnosis and treatment for adults. Some of them are Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Nephrologists, Urologists, and Oncologists.

Looking to certain negligence, there are certain lawful rights released by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to aware the patients about their constitutional rights. According to it, 1) Physician should provide requisite information concerned to your illness, its diagnosis and various complications in illness. The information concerned to cost of treatment should be in written.2) Doctors should provide complete investigation report and patient record either originals or copies. Patients have rights to access them all. 3) The female patient has a right to demand the presence of another female if a male physician or doctor is treating her.4) Patients have a right to choose for alternative treatment, even if it is not recommended by the physician and some other regulations too.

In this digital age, we have various mobile apps and service provider which completely change our health care system. There are various health care centres which revolutionized the health care system. Here you can save your time and money by utilizing online consultation services through these health care centres and Apps. These help you to find your doctors around you, book online appointment, Tele-medicine and many more services. Spiralscare is one such instance. If you are searching for Physicians in Noida, you can refer such services and save your time waiting for doctor’s appointment. You can talk to a doctor on chat or call .Now days, even Physicians understand the advantage of such platform, and motivated for the same. This service is invaluable in filling the gap in health care system. There is stringent data security for patients and doctors too in these systems. They follow multilevel security check and multiple data back-up. No data is share with any third party.

There are Top General Physicians in USA region to Book Online appointment with Doctor. They are providing online consultation in this pandemic situation. You can connect with them on various online platforms like and some other. Here you can book and appointment with them. They are all verified. You can check reviews and compare ratings online and book an appointment, as it’s all about your health. This will help you to choose the best Physician for you.

Lastly, the physician who involved in arranging the tests, writing prescriptions and taking follow up to track the progress of the patient’s condition, which makes the best physician.

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