what is diabetologist?
what is diabetologist?

You may not have considered the possibility of becoming diabetic. However, the fact is, you could already be at risk. The complications of diabetes affect the heart, nervous system and kidneys as well as other part of the body. Good control of diabetes and blood pressure greatly reduces the incidence of the complications.

 Have a host of usual reasons for avoiding tests? Here at spiralcare, it doesn’t take hours. It does not require you to be fasting. And you might not have to give a blood sample.  It is one sitting, single step procedure. All the more reason you should not put it off for ‘some other time’.

You can find exactly what you are looking for HERE at spiral care. Today half the population in india is on the verge of getting diabetes also termed borderline diabetes. We have a senior consultant diabetologist at spiralcare, with a clinical experience. We are crucial in providing good patient care and promoting self-care management. Spiralcare is often the first point of contact for people, referring them to other specialist services.

It has an important role and clear responsibilities when treating people with diabetes.  We are proud to provide patients with access to a wide range of clinicians, chosen specifically for their knowledge and reputation in their area of expertise. Our experts align with our values.  We encourage you to learn more about our clinicians. Spiralcare healthcare has a framework in place to ensure that we continuously meet and exceed the high standard we aspire to Book Online Appointment with Doctors.

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